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Jesmal Jalal


Mr. Max Madison was sixty-one years when he had that vicious thought. He wanted to open an account on social media. He had heard so many people talking about the internet and using words like ‘cyber’ and  ‘selfie’. They were talking about a completely different world. In their world, story and status meant the same thing! “He posted a status,” they would cry out in joy. How can one post his status? When his grandson posted a story, Max urged to let him see. But it was some random images going from one after the other. There was no story at all. “You call this a story?” Max asked. “In our times, we call this a slideshow.” “Oh, Grandpa, you can’t understand these things. It’s social media.” His grandson replied coldly. And Max remained just as clueless as before. Max always liked challenges. He was a fighter. He had fought…