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Biman Arandhara


An Assamese Short Story by Krishna Bhuyan Original Title : Bedonar Smriti Translated into English by Biman Arandhara Such earnest thirst in so weak a heart! So strong the desire for beauty of the eyes dim with pain!… So impatient are the ears with waning hearing power to hear her voice once…! I lay in a sick bed at Mission Hospital. Typhoid fever along with pneumonia. There was no knowing when death would pluck me from the bosom of the world with his cruel hand. Such deep attachment, so much hope even of this uncertain life! The heart would flutter in fear – what if this were to be the end of life! How could death be desirable? The prime of youth, beautiful world. Only I would have to die, you would live on, he would live on, that tall tree with split leaves would remain ever beautiful even…