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Namita Das


“New year, new me.” I exhaled and said to myself,though loudly enough to be heard by Mr Husband. “I can see that, Anu,”he remarked with a straight face.“But what’s new this year?” “This year, I have decided on three resolutions, and I am going to follow them no matter what,” I claimed, spreading my yoga mat in the living room. “Like every other year? Let’s see.” Mr Husband tittered. “Yes, I will and you will see.” I started practising Kapalabhati, exhaling puffs of breaths. “By the way, what are your three resolutions?”he asked,changing from a sitting position to a lying position on the couch. I looked at him with derision and stopped breathing. I mean, I stopped Kapalabhati to answer his question. Maintaining my meditation pose, I replied, “One, I will not eat out. Two, I will eat only healthy food.” “And?” …