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Khagendra Nath Bora


            It all happened in a night. A night of dreadful darkness. So deeply dark that one could not even see the limbs of his own. And unfortunately, I was plunged into that ominous darkness while being a member of a mountaineering mission- trekking towards Reni, a picturesque hamlet of Garwal Himalaya to camp there overnight. We were onto our feet since the sun peeped half in the sky. It then went down for the day. But we did not. With pains of blisters, we were crippling. I was the worst among all with blisters ballooned in both my toes. Hanging the boot on my shoulder, I dragged my painful legs like a staggering drunkard. Others were ahead. Straggling much behind, I arrived alone at a point of a twin ways. And in the light of the twilight I…