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Romanchita Choudhury


“ Nature is always ready, are we humans ready for that deal.” Far away from the human world there was a quiet and untouched part of the world, it later came to be known as the North-east India. I was a member of the North-east Indian tropical forest a long century ago. This land is drained by the mighty and the only river of NE, brahmaputra river and guarded by the king of mountain ranges, the  himalaya mountain range. The natives of the NE, hence grew and developed without the influence of the rest of the world. But soon our peace were invaded by humans. They destroyed this pure land with their actions. I am probably the last one among the trees of NE Tropical Forest, to witness the rise of human destruction to an emotionally-intelligent species. I was born in this tropical rainforest of NE around the 19th…