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Sangeetha Menoki


Liza yelled, pointing a firm finger at him: “Give that, you scoundrel. Or, I shall smash your head!” Frank turned to look at her with usual sarcastic grin. It faded in a flash. The fury in her face and the bronze flower vase raised towards his head!He stood still. The gold chain, he was about to drop in to his pocket, he put in to her stretched palm. She shouted: “Get lost, We don’t want you anymore.” Staring at her, he knew, she meant, what she said. He turned and walked out of the gate. Sunday, regaining her composure Liza was busy with her pots of begonia. She looked up at the clicking sound of the gate latch. Gladys was back from church. Lizawas surprised to see a stranger behind Gladys, coming in, hesitating. Gladys introduced him: “This is   Little Joe; he will be here, with us.” Though she said…