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Dr. Arindam Banerjee


Doctor-saab, there is nothing to fear, right?   Dr Karmaker bowed his weary head in exhaustion.  Or was it frustration? Frustration at his inability to explain to the father, the dire predicament his son was in. Or at the incapacity of the man to comprehend the situation? ‘Why do I even try?’ he asked himself. But trying was not an option here—more of a compulsion. If this eleven-year-old boy suddenly died, all hell would break loose. The bewildered parents and relatives would wildly search for answers, blaming everyone and everything apart from themselves. In The Mahabharata, Yudhishthira was asked, ‘What is extraordinary about life?’ He had replied, “Every day we witness many deaths and still hold the expectation to live forever.” There is of course, an unspoken expectation that apparently healthy young eleven-year-olds should live for a very long time, certainly outliving their parents and grandparents. But…