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Smruti Suresh Chandra Beohar


Long long time ago, along the banks of river Tressa was a village named ‘Godzilla’. The village of Godzilla had abundant natural resources. Though the children of Godzilla were living, their lives were dry and dull. The children in the village of Godzilla longed for some fun and recreational activities. The children were often lonely. A young boy named Derick was a leader among the children. The children would often approach Derick to find solution to their problems. Derick was ingenious, sharp and witty. Using his wit Derick would often find solutions to the problems of the villagers. Derick observed that the children in the village of Godzilla were leading a lonely and dull existence. He often felt empathetic sensing the plight of the children. Derick had only heard about the garden of enchantment from some of elderly men in the village. The garden of enchantment was unlike any other…