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Little Green Men

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With the stroke of a pen, off they can send your sons and your daughters, the little green men.

In WWI the little green men saved the world from dictatorship. In WWII they did it again. But then things changed. With the threats to democracy brought to an end, a new need was needed for the little green men.

War is a racket and wealth is the goal for those who control the little green men.

In Korea and in Vietnam again, mercenaries were made of the little green men. In Guatemala the little green men were used to steal bananas for those who control those who control the little green men.

They have moved on from fruit. Now it is oil, a much more valuable and sought-after spoil. “The War on Terror,” an edict so clever it justifies war that will never end. It justifies murder and the theft of others’ treasure and the use and abuse of the little green men.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Guatemala, Korea, Vietnam, Venezuela, the list has no end. If we want what you have, with the stroke of a pen, in we will send the little green men.

They ended the draft, an ingenious craft! Volunteers don’t resist, they fight to the last. But how do you get them to join-up and die? You keep them hopelessly poor and wave a pie-in-the-sky. Sign-up and kill for country and God! There’s almost no chance that YOU might die. We’ll reward you with honor! (It’s all a big lie.)

Criminal gangsters now rule the land and the people obey with their heads in the sand. Few prefer freedom, most just want fair masters. So they gladly accept recurring disasters. A mass killing, over here. A needless bombing, over there. We view it as sport of a deviant sort. We have no fear that our lifestyle will end. We feel safe because we have the little green men.

Try crossing our border to better your life. Try to attack us for bringing your country strife. Our masters’ response will always suffice:

With the stroke of a pen, in they will send our sons and our daughters, the little green men.


Michael Serrapica (USA)

Michael Anthony Serrapica’s background in writing is predominantly journalism, having served as Media Specialist at the Transport Workers Union of America for several years. After retiring, he self-published his first book, Conned Conservatives and Led-on Liberals, available on Amazon. He’s also an essayist, and an award-winning poet and photographer.

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