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Jayshree Chander (USA)


Dear Friends and Family,  I write to inform you that Manpreet and I finally perished at sea. He was five years old, and I was just three. Our elder sisters, Jobina and Gawain, ages 17 and 15 respectively, set us in a boat on the 15th of August 1215 with as much food and water as the craft could contain. I suppose they imagined they were saving our lives and protecting our tribe by getting us out of the village. I don’t know how many days or weeks we were adrift. After our supplies finished, time was as fluid as the lapping waves beneath us. Most of you didn’t know how we disappeared so suddenly. You may have thought we had been kidnapped. I don’t know if our sisters told the truth of what they had done. They may have feigned innocence and pretended they knew nothing. As you read…