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That One in a Million Friend

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Life is a journey where you come across people of all hues. All along the pathway of life we meet millions and millions of people who walk in and out of our lives. Some leave a mark, some leave scars and yet others leave a strong bond hard to be broken. Apart from our first degree relatives, there are other people who influence our life, change it and revive it without us realizing the fact. Of all the people whom we meet in life, friends are an important part of our journey. It is impossible to live a solitary life with no real friends to support and guide you in this journey of life. They support us, cheer us up and remind us of loving ourselves when we forget about the fact that we are important on the earth.

In the present hectic scenario we all have that one friend whom we can rely upon. Somebody to whom we can run to when we want to cry and talk out your problems. Friendship stands out against all odds and haste of life. It’s fine, precious and pure. It is a comfort when there isn’t comfort, joy when you are in grief and relief when you are at loss. A friend plays an important part in our life. They are different from parents, siblings or lovers. They are unique and are worth treasuring. When you fall, they will pick you up; when you are low, they will cheer you and when the curves of your smiles are gone, they know just how to bring it back in place. In fact, we spend 90% of our lives in the company of our friends and 95% of our memories dwell in friendship and love. It’s only with our best champs that we can talk and laugh the way we want and still be the best in their eyes. There is no barrier in the way we have to present ourselves, no do’s and don’ts and absolutely no restrictions in the way we have to be. This is the beauty of friendship that stands out against all other relationships and comes out beautiful and precious for everyone who experiences it.

As the famous quote goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. A true friend stands right beside you during your troubles. They can read your mind even if you choose to remain mute. They can feel the pain in your voice even if you attempt to behave cheerful. There are times when a friend knows you more than you know yourself. It doesn’t happen with everyone you are friends with but only with people your heart wishes to merge. It takes time, faith, love and trust for people to get intimate with each other and become one soul, inseparable and strong.

Shakespeare in his sonnet 30 says, “But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, all losses are restored and sorrows end”. The moment he thinks about his friend, he forgets his pain and sorrow. The very thought of the friend changed the state of the great poet of all times. Friendship is indeed a powerful potion that can conquer the senses of our body and diagnose us in a way we will get completely engrossed and lost into. The spark of friendship will write down great moments and inseparable bonds between people. Well, it is not in all cases that friendship stands strong. It is not with all people that it can stay stable and erect. There are instances when people know each other for a considerably long time but there never is an emotional attachment between them and there are yet other cases when people meet unexpectedly and then remain etched in our lives forever. Life is a completely complex puzzle that isn’t easy to solve but when you have the right people beside you, everything appears so simple that we never realize how we have walked so far.

We come across thousands and thousands of people of which hundreds and hundreds of them are friends of which many are close friends of which many are best buds and of which only a handful are trusted. Not everybody that we meet in life are people whom we trust, people who we rely on. We meet many but a few remain, we speak to many but it is only few people from the crowd to whom we spill out our hearts to, we laugh aloud before many but it is only few who can see the pain behind the peals of laughter. We prioritize people in our lives based on our relationship towards that person, trust and love on that soul and the degree of importance we have given to that person. We definitely have that one friend who comes to our mind every time we are lost and lonely, that only friend who is at your side when the burdens of life weigh down on you really hard, that one person who is always there to make you smile when you have cried your eyes out, that special soul who you can call up in the middle of the night and spill out your deepest sorrows, that one and only soul who will never change inspite of all the rumours that he/she hears about you and inspite of all your madness and stubbornness ,he/she will still think you are the best.

On the other hand it is not necessary that one should possess hundreds of friends to stay contented and happy. If you have that one friend who understands you , accepts you the way you are and puts up with your typical nature, you are the luckiest and happiest soul on the planet. Friendship is not about quantity but about quality. Having few friends who are the best in the world and who are always available for you is better than having hundreds of friends who is least concerned about you. Choose a few. Trust the best. Value Friendship.

“A true friend is like a shining star in your dark sky, always there to expel your darkness. Even as the light floods in, they remain still and hidden under the glow of your joy and success.”

Sonia Sali (INDIA)

Sonia Sali is a freelancer who writes for newspapers and magazines. She is an avid reader and a poet who relishes the sights and sounds of nature and life and that comes to reflect in her writings.

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    This is absolutely amazing!
    The meaning of friendship explained in all the tiers of depth.
    I loved this !

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