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Flash Fiction

The Indigo Child

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Kaveri lay on her back, gazing at the sky above. It was a beautiful, dark night, the clouds like blotches of mud on the satin indigo sky.  The soft grass underneath her felt cool and cosy. The waters of the nearby river lapped gently against the banks, making a silent soothing noise, periodic and calming, like a mother’s lullaby. Kaveri revelled in the harmony she felt within and around her – this was her best moments each day, the time when she almost believed that she was just another common little girl.

A cry from the priest of the riverside temple jolted Kaveri from her tranquil sleep. She got up with a sigh and walked towards the footsteps of the temple that was looming large and magnificent, against the pristine dawn sky. Her day of prayers, rituals and meeting with the thronging devotees as goddess “Kanya Kumari” will soon begin. It all started when, as a child, she was deemed to be different – more sure, strong-willed, intuitive and empathetic than her peers. She was thought to have paranormal abilities – a few happenings in her neighbourhood, where she rightly predicted the future, only strengthened this belief.  And before she knew it, she was elevated to the status of a goddess – the temple became her new abode, the devotees her family.

The initial few years were spells of deep anguish for Kaveri – she yearned for the secure comfort of her mother’s lap, the soothing familiarity of her home. She was now resigned to her new life – maybe she did possess supernatural powers and could help those in need.  But every night, as she lay on the river bank, gazing at the indigo sky, the little girl inside her, would wistfully wonder when she could be a little girl again.

“During the darkest indigo midnight, yet countless stars blossom” – Dr.Sunwolf.

Kaveri waited for her starry night.


Nagavijayalakshmi Vydyanathan

Nagavijayalakshmi Vydyanathan, a computer scientist by profession, is an aspiring writer. Being passionate about language and reading, it has always been a secret desire for Naga to be a writer one day. A thoughtful and deep thinker, Naga writes realistic fiction, focusing on the minds and thoughts of her characters.

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