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Thoughts are the children we birth

one moment at a time

They fly through our minds

like seeds riding the wind

Searching for fertile soil

a place to grow and multiply

The gift of a loving thought

feeds more than we’ll ever know

It can help the Earth flourish

or stab and wound her heart

Choose wisely what you think

for you and I are Planet Earth


Judith Morton Fraser was born in Detroit, Michigan. She attended Oklahoma State University and the University of California in Los Angeles. Her blond hair, blue eyes and her acting prowess landed her roles in television and movies. Her debut book— GRAMMAS NEVER DIE is based on childhood experiences while her second book WHAT’S SO GOOD ABOUT ‘BAD’ FEELINGS contains stories about her work with clients.


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    Thank you for your eloquent way of sharing wise life lessons. The trick is in the implementation.

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    I love your poem. A good reminder of the power of thoughts said or not. The bear story, wow! It kept me in suspense and the ending, well, a perfect exchange. I’d rather have the experience than just spectating, maybe? The adventure is yummy! Thanks for sharing!

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