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Janhvi Shyam Nair


As I was reading a book at home last evening, there was a thunderous knock on the door. I went downstairs to open the door and saw Inspector Amit Rathore with a stern look on his face. This was not our first date, I had met him before for a case in Vimaan Nagar, Police station, Pune. I said, “Good evening sir”, but he remain quiet and after a few minutes asked me, pointing his finger, “Do you know that man”? Just at his back a well- dressed man wearing spectacles was standing in a grave mood. He was held by two police constables. The moment I saw him I said, ‘Madhu’! as I fondly called my best friend. Madhav worked as theatre artist in Pune. We both are childhood friends. Although we both are north and south in our thoughts, but not at heart. He is the kindest  person…