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Hanan Sooting


Chapter 1 July 2006 : It  was by far,the hottest summer  since I arrived in Lebanon, twenty years ago. Sweat beads started to   pop up on  my forearms and stain myabaya as I kneaded the dough for the spinach sfeeha patties. Soon, the stfling heat and the patties baking  in the oven would turn the kitchen into a  steaming sauna. The next day,the 13th, was Yusuf’s birthday. My  son was  turning seventeen.His best friends,Sayeed, Mohamed  and Ahmed, had come over two nights ago. They were planning to go down to Tyre,  late in the afternoon, and hang out at Al Jawad seafront café, famous for its sharwarma sandwiches. “Mom,  have you washed my blue jeans ?” “ Where’s my yellow t-shirt ?” he  yelled out excitedly, rummaging through  his cupboard. “ I wish you could  remain a little boy and never grow up”, I told him playfully. He gave…