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Philippa Franks (UK)


‘Are you sitting down?’ ‘Yep,’ I reply. I have no idea who I am speaking to, but from the pitch of his voice it sounds serious and not the time to ask. ‘It all happened so suddenly.’ ‘Did it?’ still unclear… ‘She didn’t answer her phone. I just assumed it was out of battery’ (is this some weird charity scam?) ‘I see’ I said. So it’s a female. I don’t have any friends; they gave up on me years ago and I don’t really speak to anyone from my family (if you had met them, you would understand why). I don’t think I have ever liked anyone enough to give the appropriate reaction the voice is hoping for. ‘It was the bath’ I am still not sure what has happened, and how a bath was involved. I can’t ask who I am speaking to now, they sound like they know…