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Karen Birdsell (USA)


It’s a smoldering night in the South.  It’s summer.  That means it’s real heat.  It’s thick air you breathe.  The air is the only sweet thing in this life and even then, when you take it in, the dirt comes with it.  It burns while going in and inflames your insides.  That’s how the devil gets in.  Now, the devil’s been next to me my whole life but we’ve really been dancing since about 6:25 this evening. He started his whispers when I was walking in from the store.  I had those groceries in my hands all propped and balanced.  Then he makes me miss a step and BAM!  Groceries fly everywhere while I fall. I hit my palms on the cement and raw them up a bit.  I try to pile the groceries back into the bag and the next thing I know, Roy’s at the top of his…