Adamu Garko (NIGERIA)


It was not the first time I was seeing Moonchild in my life, but an eerie flux of wonderment veiled me in auspicious dilemma this time,  because it was the first time I was seeing him in person, in a state of 2 ,365,000 people. The yellowish coloured sun had set with wee rays, the red lanky haired cock from  only God knew where had crowed a number of times– signalling an end to the days of hankering for his arrival. Thank God I woke up hearty and hale, and much alive.  I unfolded the blanket off my shallow-sleepy body and placed it on a brown boarded table close to a rattle bell. Outside the room, it was hot and bright, meaning I had overslept despite my eagerness for the day and for the man. I dashed into the toilet and had a lukewarm bath. The thought of how the…