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Paul Grover (UK)


Fresh off their lavish private jets that had just flown them back from a climate change summit, perhaps with a stop off at one of their beachfront properties enroute, the social elites filled out the rows of seats (cushioned of course) opposite the stage at the conference hall. What was the so-called world-saving event on this occasion? The unveiling of the greatest technological achievement of our time, obviously. Well, at least since whatever the last overpriced smartphone was that came to market, assembled in a suicide net surrounded sweatshop. The invitees were dressed as if they were attending the Met Gala, but there were cameras present, so of course they were. Some didn’t even know what they were there to lay eyes upon, but the tickets were complimentary, and it was billed as being for a good cause with the international press on hand. Plus, there would surely be an overindulgent…