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Atharv Sharma


“….Yes, yes; and then we shall do it, right?…. You did the same, didn’t you?… It worked! Then we shall try … I think it’s fine, it should be… Yes very accumulated! I’m in want of some cleanliness!” “Good morning mom!” “ Good morning darling… .where? Assembly?” “Yes, it’s about to begin. I am joining on time, though.” “Again!” The day began with the daily conversation. Nisha was on call with another of her relatives or friends of her contact list. Raj was busy in his office meeting and the ten years old Shlok was in his hurry to join the assembly; all as busy as one could be on a fine lockdown morning. The working hours would start with enthusiasm and hope of something unique and fresh, but they always ended up in the monotonous routine of previous days, without a slight moment of novel deviation from their diurnal…