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NIthya Mariam John


Raav was tired of men and women. He was weary of his own family; he was disturbed by human presence.  Each morning he was troubled that he was supposed to wish others ‘good morning’, be polite to friends and strangers, answer phone calls, smile at everyone at the workplace and worst of all, endure the bear hugs offered by his friends! Islands appeared in his dreams constantly. Raav remembered how at a very young age he was fascinated with stories of ship -wrecks and people surviving on lone islands. Yes, Crusoe was his favourite. So, one night he walked to the nearby railway station and boarded the next train. No ticket. No destination. He slept on the floor, until the TT hauled him off at Keerumala. That was the beginning of his second life, twelve years ago. He always believed that the only slices which he would be offered from…