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Dora Esze (UK)


Where could it possibly all come from? Your parents, bless their soul, were simple people. Have they everseen, touched, heard a piece of art in their life? Probably not. You were born into an impoverished family with no tradition of music, and yet it was your father who insisted. How did he know? Was it the region?Up North, where you saw the light of day? Were you always happy todress into those purple clouds when you needed one more layer? In the Middle AgesBergamowas ruled by The House of Malatesta, did you see this as an omen when you decided to compose Don Pasqualeand finished it in eleven days? When Signor Simone Mayr, not even an Italian at that,put the baton down in awe,were you, standing in the first row of the choir, proud ofyour glitteringlittle-boy-voice?Anamethystif gemscould grow wings, that’s what you sounded like. And so ambition arrived into your…