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Raman Gopalan


I visited an ex-colleague, a retired widower. I  was surprised to see  him busy  browsing the net keenly and I saw  a number of charts, atlas, road maps, conversion tables etc pasted on the wall just above his  computer  and also many notebooks and diaries on his table. I exclaimed: “Hey Raj, I know you cannot keep quiet,  but are you  busy doing some consultancy work? You never even informed me.” He could sense a touch of jealousy and disappointment in me, as if  he had   quietly   developed a  software that  would  soon  be bought by a multinational for a fortune soon. He  told  me  that  he was   doing better than  a  consultancy business by managing his own call center. Puzzled, I repeated “Your own call centre?” He confirmed “Yah! I do  telemarketing, answering technical queries of about 20 to 25 clients daily.” “What is your product and who are…