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Raman Gopalan


Instead of an unknown scare and anxiety while receiving a telegram that made me feel oh My God  I got a telegram!  I was so sad to proclaim Oh God I won’t get telegrams anymore! On that day,  July 14th 2013, Telegram got evicted from this country  after rendering a dedicated service of spreading anxiety for over a  century and a half to this great nation. I am very sure the sixty-plus-year-old generations for whom it was part and parcel of their communication in their good and bad times, would join me to cherish this sober moment and thoughts. TELEGRAM! Just the very word carried with it the pulse of anxiety and nervousness. Today’s evolved technology and digital communications may be instant and effective.  Alas, they are soulless! In no way it could match the human emotions ingrained in a telegram. Those who had experienced the pain and pleasure of…