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Vallinath Mangalampalli


Very Dear Vasanti, I don’t know if I can address you as ‘Dear’. It is a very pleasant surprise to see your message with your new mail address. It is, five complete years since you blocked my number. That was the most disappointing time of my life. I lost my way, and in resentment, I reached and settled in America. I am not married and decided to stay a bachelor for remaining life. Before I write further I want to know about you. What is that made you send the message to me and want me to write back? Last I know you were set to marry Venu, your cousin. As a contender for your partnership in life, I was dejected. But I could never get you out of my thoughts. I refrain from expressing further without knowing your condition. I will wait for your reply. Thanks, Your well-wisher, Siddu…