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Vallinath Mangalampalli


It was already six months since Sekhar took over as head, HR at KNT Solutions, an IT company. Sekhar became popular in the company within a few days of his joining. Sekhar and his secretary Vineeta Kotle were important functionaries of the organization. KNT was a focused and efficient workplace, functioning for twelve hours a day. To everybody in the office, Vineeta was Vinee. To say “Vinee was good-looking” was an understatement. She was bright and bubbly and had a captivating personality. Her male colleagues would constantly vie with one another to grab her attention. They would engage with her in conversation on flimsy pretexts. Whenever she allowed a male colleague to interact with her, she would make him feel her closest friend. Sekhar found Vinee good at her work. Making circulars, collating documents, and organizing meetings and interviews were her general duties, which she handled with a smile and…