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James Boyle (USA)


The Prophet of God woke on Saturday morning to the sound of birds singing in the blackberry vines tangled around him and the warmth of the spring time sun. He stretched his arms and legs and pushed up to a sitting position, wiping the remains of sleep from his eyes. A curious bee hovered in front of his eyes for a moment, then went away. He felt pleasantly rested, like he’d been enjoying wondrous dreams all night, which was entirely possible. He never remembered his dreams. Beside him, a yellow labrador walked over to lick his cheek with a quick delicate tongue. “Good morning, buddy,” he said and rubbed the dog’s ears. “I don’t suppose we can get out of this today, can we?” The dog licked his cheek again. “That’s what I thought,” he said. “I bet you’d like some food.” The dog’s ears perked up and he began…