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Thomas Elson (USA)


ON HER THIRD STEP   A right turn onto Seneca Street, left at McCormack, past the high school – where it began with adjoining lockers – then up the small hill, over the railroad tracks, the stop light, over the Arkansas River, look to the right and see the spillway, then more railroad tracks, past her best friend’s house, two more blocks east, turn left, go north for a block and a half, then on his left the numbers, 1045-1043 – the street numbers of the duplex. Trees overhung scattered vehicles without bumpers, fenders, doors, radio antennas, wheels, or hubcaps. Vehicles in streets, front yards, elevated or embedded a few absent tires, others absent axels. Vehicles once for use now for cannibalization or neglect.The same route he travelled years earlier, first hesitantly, then eagerly, then greedily. # He would see her only one more time. He didn’t know it yet;…