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Mehreen Ahmed (AUSTRALIA)


Over the Hindu Kush Mountains, a bountiful, lush valley, existed once, famously known as The Indus Valley. Central to the Dravidian civilisation, this Indus Valley flourished by the River Indus, within the enchanting citadels of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro in 5,500 BCE approximately. The Dravidians were a dark coloured race and spoke a Dravidian language, most likely Tamil. However, 1,500 BCE marked the rise of a different type of race. Central Asia, and parts of the Iranian region saw an ambitious tribe of fire worshippers grow. They were Nomads, who travelled far and wide. Unlike the Dravidians, they were skilled horse-men. They traversed as far as the Indus Valley, beyond the Hindu Kush Mountain range. Here, they found this mesmerising land, attracting them like magnet to iron ores. The nomads were fast riders. An advantage, they had over the Dravidians; they easily took over the valley, settled here, and made this…