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Joseph Antony (CANADA)


A dying confession He woke up sweating in the middle of a summer night in 1941. It was 2 am. Next to him, his chest hairy and arms swung over his head lay Rachid. His member, long and curved when erect, was now curled up and hidden. As a young bisexual man of color in Hitler’s Nazi Germany, he had witnessed a surge in patriotic fervor among young Germans who wanted to shake off decades of political impotency.  His German lover, Jutta Schenkl, a fellow graduate student, had told him that Hitler was regaining the moral pride of Germans enslaved by crippling sanctions due to lost wars of the past. He had lost his virginity to this beautiful nymph with hazel blue eyes and while removing the sheets after an intense night of love making, Jutta told him that she feared for their safety. Jews, homosexuals and Romas were rounded…