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Monalisa Joshi


The soft clay that felt so clammy and velvety against the feet in those paddy fields…Urvija thought in herself while feeling the splashes of the drizzling rain over her flaxen skin that were coming from outside the French window. This year it had rained heavily sinking Urvija’s heart and soul more. It’s been long…very long that she has stepped out of the mansion. The pendulum clock banged eight times. It was time for her to leave all the humdrum and rush to the humongous bedroom and be ready in her most enthralling way. Animoy would come any moment and she needs to be within the room before his arrival. And the door will be shut again for the whole part of night. This wasn’t bad, nights are supposed to be spent in the arms of a lover who had the vigour to satiate his woman, still being in his mid-forties.  Animoy Bondhopadhyay her husband was the most renowned Zamindar and barrister within the entire Cooch Behar. She didn’t mind…