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Ravi Valluri


At twenty-six, was Gayatri Iyer a typical Tam-Brahm? Well-endowed, blessed with sparkling white teeth, her beautiful eyes were forlorn. She had renewed her passion for dancing at Natyashala under the watchful eyes of Swati Sengupta and Ananya Satpathi. As a prodigious performer, she became the cynosure of all aspiring dancers and her gurus too. Syed too was twenty-six and had become an inseparable part of Natyashala. He performed chores and ran errands for the gurus and dancers, becoming a vital cog-in-the-wheel of the set up. He was paid handsomely for sustenance. He was gifted and had a point to prove to the world. Syed skilfully played several musical instruments, sang soulfully and multi-tasked as the spot boy, technician, make-up man and danced with remarkable grace too. Sengupta and Satpathi believed that if there was something called previous birth then Syed would have been a Gandharva. They conjured a dance drama…