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We were about to traverse the little bridge, one of the most beautiful spots around the flora park, when he said deeply, ‘Hey, can I ask a favor?’I hadn’t observed his baritone voice until now. It surprised me hearing him. Anyway, I nodded and asked, ‘What’s the favor?’ Then I gave him a reassuring hug. ‘The favor is:can you hug and kiss me when we get home? Not here. Not in public,’ he reminded me. His eyes were apologetic. ‘Ah, yes, my dearest. Sorry. Old habits die hard. You already said that to me a hundred times this morning,’ I laughed. ‘Just in case,’ he said plainly. His eyes gently warning me. I gave him my thumbs up. We trudged along the little bridge, enjoying its scenery, as it arched daintily like a rainbow among the bed of roses in various hues of yellow, red, and blue. He walked ahead…