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Kalyan Gullapalli


Name: GullapalliKalyan Address: 102, OM HEMGIRI CHSL, SANT DYANESHWAR MARG, SHANTI VAN, BORIVALI EAST, MUMBAI-400066 Mobile: +91 9920977640 Email: Word Count: 3330 The Creator! Brahmasmiledwithrelief as he saw Vishnu and Mahesh walk into to his divine abode. With folded hands, he greeted them. “Namaste, O! Maha Vishnu! Namaste, O! Maheshwar!” Vishnu & Mahesh wished him back, “We bow to you too, O! Brahma, O! Shristhikarta – the creator of theBrahmanda! NamahTe!” Brahma solemnly invited his guests to take their respective seats. Vishnu sat in Padmasana on the gold-plated platform to Brahma’s right. Mahesh quickly pulled out a tiger skin from under his armpit, rolled it out on theice-frozen platform to Brahma’s left and sat in Siddhasana. Their divine chauffeurs, Garuda – the eagle, and Nandi – the bull, followed their host – the nameless Swan.Brahma sat on his own lotus, his left leg lay folded beside him, while his…