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Swagat Barooah


“The banging is only going to get louder. Should I open the door?” asked Kalyaan, frantic from the sight of the mob outside on the railway station. “What if they are Muslims baying for Hindu blood? We don’t know anything for sure!” Seema whispered, her eyes constantly trying to recalibrate to form the usual energy. But all energy was electric. Kalyaan and Seema were each and together grappling a range of emotions. More than anything, they were feeling, for the first time, history passing through them and history never really had any mercy for the ordinary beings. “Yes!” echoed Kalyaan almost in synchronisation. “But there is also a chance that they might be fleeing persecution. As I said, the banging is only going to get louder. We don’t want them breaking in when we can let them in and perhaps talk to them calmly. That might ease the pressure. What…