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Anna Jozefowicz (ARGENTINA)


Once upon a time in the future on a far, far away planet called Unicoriux lived Cotton Violet, a teenage unicorn who liked to play computer games and cellphone applications. Cotton Violet spent almost every free moment playing online. She was very good at Roblox, Minecraft and Gatcha Life games. She didn’t like to go out or leave the house at all, because it was more boring than the Internet games. One day Uzzyxia, the Hacker Witch, showed up on the screen of Violet’s cellphone and said to her: “Cotton Violet, you are so good at playing all these games, would you like to join my Hacker Academy?” “I always wanted to learn how to hack! YES, I would like to join the Academy. But…is it dangerous?” “Don’t worry about it, I will protect you!” The Witch smiled with no teeth. The next day, Cotton Violet entered the Hacker Witch…