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Soham Paul


‘’Deceit: Comrade of Lust,   Lust: Adversary of Love’’ ——– Soham Paul ~ 4:00 pm. The rain was persistent. It was twanging on the roof.Suddenly she felt very thirsty. As the weather went on to be worse than bad, Anjali was trying to remember the sequence of the events that occurred at a hackneyed speed since morning….err… last night!! ~ 6:00 pm. ‘’ Hello Commissioner, Park Street-Mr. Bhattacharya,’’ – an anxious yet composed female voice on the other side of the phone. ‘’Yes, Bhattacharya speaking.’’-replied the experienced man who was trying to grasp the veracity of the sophisticated voice. ‘’I am Ramika Sen, MD-Glucovita Industries. Want to speak with you for a minute. May I?’’-she said after pausing for a few seconds. ‘’ Yeah Mam, good evening. Plz go on’’-replied Bhattacharya. ‘’Mr. Bhattacharya, my daughter Anjali is not traceable since morning. I am pretty much worried. My secretary gave me…