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Breanne Mc Ivor (TRINIDAD & TOBAGO)


Black Sunday by Tola Rotimi Abraham is all about power. The power parents have over children – and what happens if they abdicate that power? The power girls have over boys – and what happens if boys decide they want more power for themselves? The power the church has over Nigerians – and what happens if the church tells you that God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called? Is it an encoded message meaning, ‘Be careful around your brethren, they can be injurious’. Most of all, it’s about the power men have over women – particularly poor women – in a society where a powerful man can pay your bills, get you a job, or even marry you, if only you’re willing to pay his price. The novel follows twin sisters and their younger brothers, with each character narrating various chapters. Their family starts off relatively happy in Lagos…