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Louise Johnson (UK)


She was the one. The one he was going to marry. When her father arrived from the city of Kazan, far away on the banks of the Volga River, he would discuss it with them. Mila gave him a little wave from the edge of the infinity pool, which looked as if it flowed into the turquoise sea beyond. Before coming here, Guy had only seen such visions in the movies. Now here he was, with one at his disposal day and night. The smell of pine trees baking in the hot sun and the sound of waves lapping on to the shore far below, reminded him that this was as happy as he’d ever been. ‘Aren’t you coming in?’ she called. ‘You’re missing out.’ ‘Not yet. I like watching you.’ She smiled then swam over to him, starting off in crawl then diving underwater, her body as streamlined as…