Sally Stratso (USA)


He used to tip the scales at a hefty seven pounds. These days, he weighs less than five.  His hearing deserted him first, his vision shortly thereafter. Not having a walker to balance him, he makes his way precariously around the yard, sometimes traversing sideways if he’s had a bad night. Nothing wrong with that – it’s just old age.  On good days, he has a cocky gunslinger walk; it’s precisely this walk that has kept the pink stuff offered by the vet at bay and Spidey staying on the upside of the flower bed. Almost 18 years old, this piebald Chihuahua is a chimera of Mr. Magoo, Chicken Little, and a tiny, hysterical Paul Revere.  Whoever puts him outside has to be hyper aware that Spidey cannot see; he is just as likely to rage at a window and ricochet off the side of the house/fence/shrubbery/tall weeds as the…