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Supratim Chaudhury


“In this world you’re arguing with me. But in a different world we might not have even met. That’s alternate reality.”, I said. “Nolan’s Interstellar is all rubbish.”, Nihar confronted. “But that’s Schrodinger’s theory. Not rubbish.”, I defended. “That cat-experiment, you mean?”, Nihar smirked. “Yes. Don’t forget the argument in favour. Till the box is opened, the cat could be alive. Or dead. Both the probabilities are valid. In one reality, the cat is still kicking. In the other, it has already kicked the bucket.” Bipul is constantly shifting his gaze from Nihar to me, not understanding a bit why we are arguing. Nihar asked, “So you believe in Doppelgangers as well ?” I held my ground firmly, “An absolute replica of Nihar. Yes, I believe, could exist.” Nihar was losing his rational edge and got a bit acerbic, “How can you…