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Sashanka Sekhar Sarma


Reona never saw her Granny’s eyes moist. Not in her small six year lifespan at least. She always pictured her granny as a spirited one. No, this mushy eyed woman, was not like her Granny at all. Perhaps this river in front did something fishy to Granny, or may be the thick moist forest air surrounding them did. Reona looked up confused and tugged hard at Granny. “What?” spoke Granny absentminded. Reona smiled her most cute smile and tugged again. “Majoni….Whats it? You need something?…No more ice cream today.” “No…..You have water in your eyes,”Reona said. “Huh!…My sweety pie has sharp eyes …Notices everything,” Granny said as she gave Reona a kiss, “I am gazing at the flowing water. It’s is a river, dear. Do they teach what a river is in your school?” “Yes…Smita ma’am taught us about rivers on the net. I drew one on my e-slate too,”…