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Vaibhav Reddy IVN


SUNDAY, SOMETIME BEFORE THE SUNRISE Her head was throbbing with pain as she pried her eyes open with great difficulty. She was lying on a cold floor, her limbs feeling weak. She raised her head, despite her stiff neck, and found two men; one was lying still over the floor two feet from her, while the other lay perched over the bathtub with his bald-head resting against the wall. His eyes were open as if he was looking at the door, but they had no life in them. The white tiled floor was a bloody red around their bodies. She tried to raise herself, but could only manage to move away a little, before she lost consciousness again.   SATURDAY She hesitantly opened her lazy eyes to the sound of the alarm. The sunrays shone brightly over the bed. She felt the other half of the bed; it was warm.…