Geralyn Pinto (INDIA)


They’d been over it many times.  He’d read her passages from a wide array of Holy Scripture – all of them spoke of Divine intervention effecting a complete cure. He even had a placard tied to the railing of her surgical cot which declared – rather feebly, she thought – “It’s Never Too Late for a Miracle”. He was reading her a book titled “Choose Life over Cancer” and got flustered when she said, “But I did. In fact, I didn’t choose cancer at all. It chose me.” He sighed and it seemed to her that he had grown thinner and greyer in a week than he had done in all the ten years they had been together and thought the world of each other. “Now, you’re not going to start that again. In fact, I’m sure that you’re ripe for a miracle.” She whispered, since talking at normal volume…