Ahimsa, a great weapon to object;

Buddhism left an indelible impact.

Courtesy flourished in His life;

Duty was a weapon to save from strife.

Egoism was far away from His routine.

Faith was deeply rooted as the divine.

God-like works he did in His entire life.

Honesty was the best policy, not knife.

Ideals served as a goal to His paths.

Justice by Him was worth more than the truths –

Kindness, a virtue for the betterment –

Love, the key passion in His sentiment –

Mankind, a subject of His object –

Nature, for Him, was never to deject.

Offensive, He never seemed to be.

Peace-lover, He was a man to glee.

Quality in anyone He used to fan.

Religion, for Him, was the service to man.

Simplicity and service were His makeup.

‘Truth is God, and God is Truth, in His map’.

Understanding, always in His clutch;

Virtues were showered by Him to reach.

Welfare to all, was, the core of His work.

Xoanon, He was not, but to end the dark.

Yarns were spun by Him for chastity.

Zeal in Him was ever to serve humanity.



Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad

Dr Rajeshwar Prasad is Associate Professor and Head of the English Department at Sarvodaya Post-Graduate College, Ghosi, Mau UP, India and a writer. To date he has published two books, Dance of Democracy and The Gandhi-Gita. His first play, The Travellers will be published in the next month by a UK publisher. He has also signed three contracts with the same publisher – for his collection of poetry Gandhi the Messiah and his novels Bodily Bliss and The Righteousness of Jesus. The Traders is his second play. He has also authored some essays, poems, articles and short stories. Dr Rajeshwar Prasad was awarded an MA in English and a Ph. D on ‘Lyricism in the Plays of Christopher Marlowe’ from Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya. Writing, for him, is food for the soul.

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