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Charnsith Apinunwong (THAILAND)


In an imaginary western Buddhist country, exists John and his twin little brother, George. The two are completely the opposite. John is a very materialistic person and is very popular in society. In contrast, George is a very spiritual person and is very unpopular in society. Nevertheless, George is very happy with his way of life and has never thought to change his way. “Hey, George! When the hell will you finally learn that nobody cares about your bullshit? Change yourself if you want to be popular like me.” John always looks down on George and tries to convince him to change his way. However, George just listens to all the persuasions but always politely refuses. “Well, that may really be the case, John. However, I am comfortable with this type of living. I don’t really care much what other people think of me.” “Suit yourself, loser!” John says irritatedly…