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David Clémenceau (GERMANY)


[This story originally appeared in Issue 28 of Tigershark magazine- The Festive Season, December 2020] Become who you are Part 1 Growing up, Marie hated the place where she and her mother lived together in a fifteen-storey building in one of the many social housing projects that surrounded Paris. People who did not live there and only heard about these banlieues in the news mistakenly tended to believe that the southern suburbs of the French capital were not as bad as the northern ones. Marie felt that they were wrong. It was obvious to her that living in the projects was bad anywhere in the world. She also hated people talking wisely about matters they didn’t have a clue about to begin with. Those who pretended to know better simply illustrated their flagrant lack of knowledge in the matter, on top of their inability to keep their ignorance to…