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Maggie Nerz Iribarne (USA)


Thank goodness, almost the whole Redson family-all five of us- gathered together, preparing, all except one of course, but Bethie would arrive soon enough. Father made a quick visit to Sandy Acres and told us Bethie was resisting a bit but she wouldn’t be much longer. Beau’s transition was a real slog-Alzheimer’s-but he finally made it back. Bobby came quick with a heart attack-or was it a stroke? Never mind.  I got off easy-died in childbirth-so I’ve been here alone, watching everything go to pot, for eons, even before Mother and Father. I think Father would love to have the grandmas and grandpas also with us, but Mother is not willing to share her home with the extendeds, as she calls them. Mother tends towards closing off – that’s just her way. Of course, everyone blamed me for the state of things, but what could I do, all on my…