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Manab Ratan Mukherjee


Gautam- Hello Kanishka, Gautam here, How are you? Kanishka- Hi Gautam, pulling on somehow. What about you? G- Me too, pulling on. Tired off over work, tension in office, sugar-pressure.. K- Same, same this side also. You know how an Executive Director of a private company lives life. Meetings, seminar, fairs, target achievement, labour problem, Union problem, very hard time. G- Yes friend, now both of us are Executive Directors. We are EDs, that’s what I wanted to be in college life and have achieved. But… K- But what? G- But, last week suddenly I learnt a lesson. Now, I am thinking what I achieved actually! K- What happened? Anything wrong? Our school, college, higher studies, joining in job, promotions everything was good enough. We have shown our capability in job. Now crossed fifty-five years of age, became ED in big company, lucrative salary, luxurious facilities, well settled family what…