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Jayanthi Sankar


When the Deputy Editor called his line, “Could you please come to my cabin for a moment?” Roger left a sentence typing halfway, logged off, threw his hands upwards to stretch his thin and gaunt physique before walking towards her cabin. He knocked and entered. “Take your seat. The editor had called me to check if the story on the animal lover has shaped. She says it has to be published within the next few days.” “Ya, in fact, I’ve already started ideating the story. David has taken brilliant shots of Lisa with her pets,” Roger said benignly. With hair that looked interestingly bristly with a recent close crop, she looked younger and more immaculate, in her formal navy blue dress, he thought. “Since it’s our feature, Editor said that we might think of a catchy blurb in the ‘Island time’ and also to inform Wendy…