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Dr Prashanth Peta Ravi


The ceiling lights pierced her eyes as she was laid on a steel table with the hospital gown. She felt better to be in the light instead of the darkness in which she spent most of her life. It always reminded her of the cosmic black hole which consumes everything. The room was horseshoe shaped with white marble flooring and the walls were covered with the protocols of labor room resuscitation. The nurses’ station was at the center, surrounded by thirteen steel tables. Some were occupied and the others stained with blood, yet to be cleansed. There was utter chaos everywhere; amidst it she could hear the sounds of some women cursing, some chanting verses from the Bible, some begging for a few drops of water to quench their thirst. Despite of all the din, the health workers and nurses worked sincerely round the clock, with the available resources provided…