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Ms. Lal Rinchhani


Kimi and her friends impatiently rushed to the locality’s Community Hall after school to practice a celebrated Mizo traditional dance, ‘Cheraw’. They were thrilled to finally have an opportunity to perform in front of a crowd on a prestigious event. This time they will be performing on Young Mizo Association Day, as junior members of YMA or YMA ‘chhang’, as they were fondly called, and the thought of dancing in a full traditional attire excited them. As YMA chhang members, they were taught at an early age, the importance of partaking and fulfilling their duties to the Mizo community, and to cherish the values of YMA. One of the songs they have learned and kept close to their hearts as Mizo children was a song about respecting elders in the Mizo community. On certain occasions they would sing with all their might, “Ai a upate zah thiam in, An…